Change Donation Amount Increment (Donation Step)

If you’re using the Donation Platform for WooCommerce, the donation amount format aligns with the settings in your WooCommerce configuration. To adjust the increment of the donation amount input box, such as removing decimals, you can utilize the provided code snippet. This can be done by adding the filter to the functions.php file of your theme. Alternatively, you can employ the free Code Snippets plugin for a more user-friendly approach.
Please note that adjusting the increment may restrict users from entering donation amounts that do not conform to the set increment. For example, if the increment is set to 1, users will no longer be able to enter amounts like 10.75.

add_filter('wcdp_donation_amount_decimals', function() {
	return 1; //return increment here (e.g. 0.01, 0.1, 1, 2, 5 etc.)

Donation Platform for WooCommerce will automatically adopt the decimal settings configured in the WooCommerce settings by default: