Why is only one donation form allowed per page?

Since WooCommerce and other plugins don’t assume that there are multiple checkouts on a page, you might run into problems otherwise.

Will my theme work with Donation Platform for WooCommerce?

Probably. Unfortunately, many themes add a lot of custom styles to the WooCommerce checkout, some of them may compete with the CSS of Donation Platform for WooCommerce and you get weird results.

Will my WooCommerce extension work with Donation Platform for WooCommerce?

Probably. I cannot test every WooCommerce extension out there. Donation Platform for WooCommerce uses WooCommerce filters & actions to change the behaviour and appearance of WooCommerce. When other plugins also use these hooks they may interfere with each other.

Does Donation Platform for WooCommerce support every WooCommerce feature?

No. For now it primarily focuses on customer facing behaviour and appearance that is crucial for the donation platform.

Why does the world need this plugin?

Hands down, WooCommerce is the most mature eCommerce solution. It is supported by all other major systems (CRM, Analytics, Marketing, Accounting and more) and offers numerous possibilities to customize the behavior to your needs.

So it doesn’t make sense to reprogram all the features already implemented by WooCommerce for a donation platform again and worse. Instead, you just customize the look and in some places the behavior of WooCommerce and you get a comprehensive crowdfunding, crowdsourcing and donation solution.