Shortcode (Donation Form)

Donation Platform for WooCommerce offers a shortcode so you can display the donation form anywhere you want. The shortcode can only be displayed as an image here to avoid formatting issues.

Please do not add the donation form Shortcode to the header of your site, as this might cause issues.


id (required)Product IDProduct ID of the WooCommerce Product the donation form should use
style1 (default)
Style of the donation form.
Style 1: each step in a tab with a header (Demo)
Style 2: all steps on one page (Demo)
style 3: each step in a tab (Demo)
style 4: just first step, redirects to checkout page (Demo)
style 5: banner header (Demo)
popup0 (default)
if 1, the donation form will be displayed in a lightbox (Demo)
If you want to add additional triggers for the popup you can just add links with the target href="#wcdp-form" to open the lightbox
1 (default)
Only has an effect if popup=1
If button=0 it will not display a button to open the lightbox. Instead you can use custom links with href="#wcdp-form" to open the lightbox
image0 (default)
if 1, display the product image (Demo)
title0 (default)
if 1, display product title
description0 (default)
if 1, display the product description
short_description0 (default)
if 1, display the product short description
default: “Donate now!”
set the label of the button that opens the popup
classNameclass name(s)Add additional classes to the donation form, separate different classes with a space.


Examples of shortcodes. Please make sure to manually enter the donation forms to avoid formatting issues. Do not forget to add brackets []

wcdp_donation_form id="1234" wcdp_donation_form id="1234" style="2" wcdp_donation_form id="1234" style="3" popup="1" button="1" label="I want to contribute" ​wcdp_donation_form id="1234" style="4" popup="1" button="0" ​wcdp_donation_form id="1234" popup="1" title="1" short_description="1" ​wcdp_donation_form id="1234" popup="1" description="1" image="1"