Cart is Shared Among Pages

In WooCommerce, users can only have a single cart. This means that if your users open multiple tabs and start a donation in one tab, then navigate to a different tab and start donating to a different product, the cart will update in all tabs. This behavior is part of the WooCommerce core functionality and cannot be easily resolved.

Understanding the Behavior

When a user interacts with WooCommerce, their cart is stored in the session data, which is shared across all tabs and windows of the same browser. This design ensures that a user’s shopping experience remains consistent and their cart contents are always up-to-date, regardless of the tab or window they are using.

However, this can lead to confusion when users attempt to manage multiple donations or products across different tabs. For example:

  1. Starting a Donation in Tab 1: The user selects a product and begins the donation process.
  2. Navigating to Tab 2: The user opens another tab and selects a different product to donate.
  3. Impact on the Cart: The action in Tab 2 will modify the cart in Tab 1, leading to potential confusion or loss of the initial donation process.

Best Practices for Users

To help users avoid confusion and ensure a smooth donation process, consider providing the following tips:

  1. Use a Single Tab: Advise users to complete their donation in a single tab or window before starting a new one.
  2. Clear Instructions: Provide clear instructions on how the donation process works and inform users about the shared cart behavior.
  3. Session Management: Encourage users to finalize their donation or purchase before navigating away or opening new tabs.


The shared cart behavior in WooCommerce is a fundamental aspect of its design, ensuring a consistent user experience across tabs and windows. While this cannot be easily changed, understanding and educating users about this behavior can help minimize confusion and improve their overall experience with your donation platform.