Known Issues

The following incompatibilities are known. It is planned to fix these problems, but this is not a simple task.

  • Donation Platform for WooCommerce is not yet compatible with the new WooCommerce checkout Gutenberg Block. Please use the legacy {woocommerce_checkout} Shortcode instead
  • Elementor Popups: The donation form cannot currently be used within an Elementor popup (Elementor premium). Please use the included popup of WCDP as an alternative.
  • WooCommerce Payments along with WooCommerce Subscriptions. The credit card form may not display correctly. Affects styles 1, 2, 3, 5.
  • Switching Recurring Donations with WooCommerce Subscriptions not possible
  • using the shortcode with Themify page builder
  • Some page builders that heavily overwrite templates and change the basic structure of WooCommerce (like Divi Builder, Themify builder) might have compatibility issues with Donation Platform for WooCommerce.
  • Donation Platform for WooCommerce is not compatible with the new product editor, please make sure to disable this setting in WooCommerce Settings -> Advanced -> Experimental features: