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Track the progress of your fundraising efforts with our Donation Progress Bar feature. The progress bar enhances donation rates by showcasing the progress already made, encouraging donors to contribute towards reaching your goal.

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Donation Progress Bar Demo   
$15,020.00 of $120,000.00
6 months to go

Enhance Your Fundraising with WooCommerce Donation Progress Bars

Unlock the full potential of your WooCommerce webshop with our Donation Progress Bars, a complimentary feature of the WooCommerce donation plugin, Donation Platform for WooCommerce. This powerful tool transforms your online store into a comprehensive Fundraising and Donor Management System. Effortlessly accept one-time and recurring donations, manage donor information, and elevate your fundraising efforts—all for free.

Using a Donation Progress Bar for Social Proof

Tracking the progress of your fundraising efforts can significantly boost donation rates, and one effective way to do this is by using a Donation Progress Bar. This feature visually showcases the progress of your campaign, encouraging potential donors to contribute towards reaching your goal.

Boosting Engagement and Motivation: A Donation Progress Bar serves as a powerful tool for social proof. When potential donors see that others have already contributed, they are more likely to join in and help complete the goal. It’s akin to seeing a line outside an ice cream shop—people are naturally drawn to what others are participating in. By displaying how much has been collected, how much is left, and the time remaining, you create a sense of urgency and community, motivating donors to act.

Customization and Flexibility: The Donation Platform for WooCommerce offers eight different styles of progress bars to fit seamlessly with your website’s design. These styles can display:

  • Amount Collected: Show donors the total amount raised so far.
  • Amount Remaining: Highlight how much more is needed to reach the goal.
  • Time Left: Create a sense of urgency by showing the remaining time to achieve the target.
  • Fundraising Goal: Clearly communicate your overall fundraising target.
  • Percentage of Goal Collected: Visually demonstrate how close you are to reaching your goal.

Best Practices for Using Fundraising Progress Bars

  1. Set Clear Goals: Be transparent about your fundraising goals. Whether it’s a financial target or a specific project milestone, clear goals make the progress bar more meaningful.
  2. Update Regularly: Ensure to configure your caching plugin to regularly refresh your pages with progress bars. Donation Platform for WooCommerce caches the progress bar data internally.
  3. Combine with Stories: Pair the progress bar with compelling stories or updates about how the funds will be used. This connection between the progress and the impact can further motivate donations.
  4. Celebrate Milestones: Acknowledge and celebrate when certain milestones are reached. For example, when you hit 50% of your goal, make an announcement thanking donors and encouraging further support.

Using a Donation Progress Bar not only tracks your fundraising efforts but also leverages social proof to enhance donation rates. By showcasing the progress, you create a sense of community and urgency that encourages donors to contribute. With various customizable styles available through the Donation Platform for WooCommerce, you can integrate this powerful tool into your website to boost engagement and achieve your fundraising goals.

Progress Bar Demos

Style 1

$15,020.00 of $120,000.00

Style 2

$15,020.00 of $120,000.00
6 months to go

Style 3

$15,020.00 of $120,000.00
6 months to go

Style 4

6 months to go

Style 5

just remaining time

6 months to go

Style 6

just fundraising goal


Style 7

just amount remaining


Style 8

$15,020.00 of $120,000.00

Progress Bar Shortcode

To display a progress bar, simply insert the following shortcode into any page or post on your WordPress site:

{wcdp_progress id="1234"}

Replace id="1234" with the WooCommerce Product ID associated with your donation form. This will dynamically generate a progress bar reflecting the donations collected towards your specified goal. Read the full Shortcode Documentation.

Parameters Explanation:

  • id (required): WooCommerce Product ID for the donation form.
  • style (optional): Choose from different styles (1-8) to customize the appearance of the progress bar.
  • goal (optional): Set the fundraising goal amount.
  • cheat (optional): Adjust total collected amount (useful for incorporating external donations).
  • addids (optional): Combine multiple Product IDs to show a consolidated progress bar.

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