Multiple Donation Forms on one Page

When working with WooCommerce and other plugins, it’s essential to note that they typically assume a single checkout per page. Adding multiple donation forms on a single page may lead to unexpected behavior and is generally not recommended. However, you can overcome potential issues by applying the following filter to prevent error messages:

add_filter( 'wcdp_only_one_form_allowed', '__return_false' );


If you intend to display multiple donation buttons leading to the same donation page, follow these instructions:

1. Use the Popup provided by Donation Platform for WooCommerce
To embed multiple donation forms seamlessly, it’s recommended to use the dedicated popup feature provided by the Donation Platform for WooCommerce. Avoid using alternative popup plugins to ensure optimal compatibility.

Insert a donation form in a popup using the following shortcode (replace {} with []):
{wcdp_donation_form id=”1234″ popup=”1″ image=”1″ title=”1″ short_description=”1″}

2. Create Multiple Links
Add as many links as needed with the target set to #wcdp-form on the page. These links will open the donation platform’s popup. If you encounter issues, consider that other plugins or your theme might be altering the behavior of page hashes (e.g., scroll-to-position plugins, page builders). Resolve this by either removing conflicting plugins or switching to a compatible theme.

This button will open the same popup as the first button
<a href="#wcdp-form" class="button">This button will open the same popup as the first button</a>

Adjust the shortcode parameters as necessary, and ensure consistent implementation for each donation form link to maintain a smooth user experience.

By following these guidelines, you can successfully integrate multiple donation forms on a single page while minimizing potential conflicts and ensuring a seamless donor experience.