Development / Changelog

Active development of this plugin is handled on GitHub.

= 1.3.1 2024-01-30 =
new: new progress bar styles
new: use “current” in progress & leaderboard shortcode to use current page id
new: donation product is added to the checkout on page load, improving compatibility with WooCommerce Gutenberg Checkout Block
tweak: add to cart before checkout is loaded
tweak: compatibility with v3.7.6 of PDF Invoices & Packing Slips for WooCommerce
tweak: set supported WP version to 6.4
tweak: set supported WooCommerce version to 8.5.2
tweak: declare incompatibility with new WooCommerce Gutenberg Checkout Block
tweak: improve compatibility with some payment gateways that do not load with empty checkout
fix: various compatibility mode improvements
fix: fix Stripe checkout bug
fix: support for PayPal express checkout
fix: take network active plugins into account when checking if certain plugins are active

= 1.3.0 2023-09-24 =
new: leaderboard (donor wall) shortcode
new: compatibility mode: run donation platform and webshop simultaneously
new: “delete cache” checkbox
new: compatibility with WooCommerce API
new: compatibility with High performance order storage
fix: compatibility with the newest version of PDF Invoices & Packing Slips for WooCommerce, thanks to @kprovance #40
fix: select2 dropdown not visible within popup
tweak: do not allow to embed donation form when using AJAX
tweak: improve revenue cache calculation & invalidation
tweak: update the revenue of a product directly for small webshops
tweak: add project name to tax-deductible receipt template
tweak: set supported WP version to 6.3
tweak: set supported WooCommerce version to 8.1.1
tweak: add filter wcdp_next_button to edit next button text

= 1.2.10 2023-05-30 =
new: Add progress bar style 4 (with percentage)
new: set supported WP version to 6.2
new: set supported WC version to 7.7.1
fix: add nonce verification to feedback endpoint
fix: fix incompatibility with Subscriptions for WooCommerce
fix: fix some php 7.1 incompatibilities
fix: make sure that max_donation_amount >= min_donation_amount
fix: make sure check user’s donation input validity
tweak: update Gutenberg block
tweak: remind of database migrations for outdated WooCommerce version
tweak: increase priority for woocommerce_checkout_redirect_empty_cart hook
tweak: make input text box inline-block

= 1.2.9 2023-01-26 =
new: shortcode attribute ‘label’ lets you change the text of the popup button
new: filter wcdp_certificate_background_image allows you to dynamically change the background image of the thank-you certificate
new: add non-intrusive feedback survey
fix: mixed return type in wcdp_add_product_type_option causing PHP error in older PHP versions

= 1.2.8 2023-01-06 =
Happy new year 🙂
new feature: add filters wcdp_min_amount & wcdp_max_amount with parameter $product_id that allows you to change the min/max donation amount on a per-product basis
new feature: support for WooCommerce Payments
fix: checkout not updating properly
fix: jQuery not defined error
tweak: add wcdp_range_slider_steps to change steps of slider
tweak: push supported WP version to 6.1
tweak: push supported WC version to 7.2.2

= 1.2.7 2022-09-12 =
new feature: charge transaction fees also for recurring donations with WC Subscriptions
tweak: add wcdp_range_slider_steps filter. This filter can be used to change the step size of the range slider.
tweak: push supported WC version to 6.8.1
tweak: changed wordings
fix: Compatibility issue with Subscriptions for WooCommerce
fix: donation amount selection not saving properly

= 1.2.6 2022-07-24 =
tweak: check for min/max donation amount for suggestion fields
tweak: push supported WP version to 6.0.1
tweak: push supported WC version to 6.7.0
tweak: push required WP version to 5.8 (since WC requires WP >= 5.8)
tweak: add fallback name for invoice
tweak: Default error message is now added in a different way to avoid issues with some themes
tweak: Rename wcdp-style.css to wcdp.css and wcdp-script.js to wcdp.js
fix: fix some css issues
fix: resolve popup overlay issues with some themes/page builders
fix: improved JS/CSS file enqueue
fix: some layout issues with 2022 theme
fix: php warning in woocommerce-subscriptions/admin-payment-retry email template
fix: include class-wcdp-thank-you-certificate at most once

= 1.2.5 2022-05-10 =
new feature: add ‘cheat’ attribute to shortcode wcdp_progress (manipulate donation turnover by a specified amount)
new feature: add ‘addids’ attribute to shortcode wcdp_progress (show the cumulated turnover of several products)
new feature: improved support for Polylang for WooCommerce (add up turnover for translated products)
tweak: calculate product revenue only when status change includes ‘completed’ (performance improvement)
tweak: calculate product revenue no more than once in 30s (performance improvement)
tweak: add wcdp_update_product_revenue filter to revenue calculation (revenue in db)
tweak: add wcdp_progress_revenue filter to displayed donation turnover (revenue displayed to donors)
tweak: update supported WC version to 6.5.0
tweak: compatibility with php 7.1
tweak: some code improvements
fix: css color variables for shortcode wcdp_progress not set

= 1.2.4 2022-04-18 =
new feature: Set default donation amount per project
performance improvement: only update cart if necessary
tweak: add wcdp_custom_html_amount_{Product-ID} Action for amount layout 3
tweak: update supported WC version to 6.4.1
fix: PayPal Gateway not working #19
fix: CSS variables not defined under certain circumstances

= 1.2.3 2022-04-10 =
new feature: support for multiple products in cart, activate in general donation settings
new feature: support for grouped products
tweak: fee recovery: show info message if no active payment methods found
tweak: show Transaction costs fee even when the fee is 0
tweak: update supported WP version to 5.9.3
tweak: change position of fee recovery checkbox
tweak: adjust CSS of fee recovery checkbox
tweak: code maintainability improvements
tweak: add for GitHub
fix: readme link error
fix: fee recovery not working

= 1.2.2 (skipped: unreleased, because of a bug) =

= 1.2.1 2022-03-17 =
new feature: Fee Recovery: give your donors the option to cover the processing fees on their donations
tweak: update supported WC version to 6.3.1
fix: wrong textdomain
fix: set donation project for automatic product update (#16)
fix: increase priority of woocommerce_checkout_update_order_review_expired filter

= 1.2.0 2022-02-24 =
new feature: support for Google Pay / Apple Pay / PayPal Express Checkout (Express Donation)
new feature: added support for Subscriptions For WooCommerce
new feature: from now on donation orders do not net manual processing: autocomplete donations as soon as they are paid
new feature: show progress in product overview
new feature: support for product_page shortcode
new feature: support for default configuration for variable products
tweak: mark variation selection required in donation form
tweak: show price for normal products on overview page
tweak: update supported WC version to 6.2
tweak: some code quality adjustments
fix: JS error with non-focusable and invalid elements
fix: check for less than or equal to max donation amount instead of less than
fix: html syntax error for checked attributes
fix: donation form on product page #15

= 1.1.4 2022-01-25 =
fix: invalid progress colors #10
fix: echo bug in progress shortcode
tweak: improved support for normal products
tweak: update supported WP version to 5.9
tweak: update supported WC version to 6.1.1

= 1.1.3 2022-01-13 =
fix: remove is_ajax function (deprecated since version 6.1.0. of WC) and replace it with wp_doing_ajax
fix: Prevent is_subscription() from interfering with product editing on admin pages
tweak: rename “Donable” label to “Donation Product”
tweak: update supported WC version to 6.1.0

1.1.2 2022-01-04
new feature: set custom title for Donation Amount
tweak: Update the Gutenberg block to support Style 5

1.1.0 2021-12-13
new feature: new Design for wcdp_progress Shortcode
new feature: set fundraising goal and campaign end per product
tweak: sort donation amount options
tweak: some small fixes and enhancements

1.0.9 2021-11-23
new feature: Shortcode wcdp_progress to display a donation progress bar
new feature: new donation form design (Style 5)
fix: Settings Link not working
tweak: min, max donation amount on product settings page
tweak: readme revised

1.0.8 2021-11-23
1.0.7 2021-11-23
1.0.6 2021-11-23

Faulty updates. Please do not install these versions

1.0.5 2021-11-11
fix: textdomain not loading properly
fix: i18n of “Other” string
fix: Amount Suggestions field not hiding properly
performance: load wc-password-strength-meter only when it is necessary
tweak: set standard price of simple product to 1
tweak: add direct donation link on product edit page
tweak: push supported WC version to 5.9
tweak: push supported WP version to 5.8.2

1.0.4 2021-11-02
fix: Popup does not open if plugin/theme prevents adding #wcdp-form
tweak: Increase the default value for the maximum donation amount to 50,000

1.0.3 2021-10-16
tweak: rename from “Donation Platform for WooCommerce” to “Donation Platform for WooCommerce: Fundraising & Donation Management”
tweak: push WC supported version to 5.8.0
fix: text-domain error and i18n warning

1.0.2 2021-10-10
fix: general settings not working

small fixes

Initial release